30 Most Dangerous Animals in the World – Beautiful Pictures and Fun Animal Facts (Discover the World’s Most Amazing Animals Series SE) [Kindle Edition]

30 Most Dangerous Animals in the World - Beautiful Pictures and Fun Animal Facts (Discover the World's Most Amazing Animals Series SE) [Kindle Edition]

May children understand and have a great time at once? Obviously! Researching our universe is definitely a fantastic and educational journey. Journey along this course with me and appreciate this experience!

The book features top quality, amazing graphics of the very dangerous creatures with sayings providing more info. They’ll look great on each kind of Kindle device.

Amusement assured from start to complete. All fascinating truth about dangerous creatures are offered in a child friendly fashion. Nevertheless, I assure that even grownups and elderly kids are going to discover lots of new things concerning one of the most dangerous critters around our Earth too!

If you’re a parent searching for an amusing book for the kid, a grandparent attempting to provide unique to something for the grandchild, or whether you’re only needing the fantastic source of info for the college job – YOU’LL LOVE THIS!

In 30 Most Dangerous Animals in the World – Beautiful Pictures and Fun Animal Facts (Discover the World’s Most Amazing Animals Series SE) you will discover:

  • Scorpion That Likes to Hide


  • R-R-R-R-Rattlesnake


  • Incredibly Fast Mountain Lion


  • Ferocious Komodo Dragon


  • Scary Great White Shark


  • Long & Strong Anaconda!


  • Blue Poison Dart Frog


  • Cape  ”Black Death” Buffalo


  • and Much More!

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The Secrets They Kept: The True Story of a Mercy Killing that Shocked a Town and Shamed a Family [Kindle Edition]

The Secrets They Kept


The Secrets They Kept: The True Story of a Mercy Killing that Shocked a Town and Shamed a Family [Kindle Edition]

Every household has its strategies. In 1937, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, an anguished dad created the important decision to stop his mentally-ill daughter’s existence rather than institutionalize her to an insane asylum. After signing a combined suicide pact to expire together, the dad first murdered the daughter and tried to have his own existence. Permanently referred to as Cheyenne’s “mercy slayer,” the guy survived to confront the results of his own impossible offense. Today, after over seven years of quiet, events encompassing this catastrophe are finally being informed. Writer Suzanne Handler shares with readers the secrets of her family’s darkish previous. You’ll be transferred through this amazing narrative of homicide, mental illness, as well as the effect of secrets on families.

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I’m Only Human After All (The Empowerment Series Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

I'm Only Human After All (The Empowerment Series Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

What would you really do should you end up unexpectedly do}, and without lure, the goal of constant insults, senior school hostility, and unpleasant remoteness? Such is the problem of adolescent Alex Rogers, the primary character in I’m Only Human After All, the thought provoking, absorbing book influenced by the tests of the writer by the exact same title. Within this penetrating tale, Rogers draws from his individual experiences to provide priceless insight to pupils, instructors, and parents everywhere on today’s increasingly typical, and extremely dangerous, examples of intimidation and cyber bullying. The novel’s affecting, brooding first person story particulars all that bullied teenagers face, throwing critical fresh light on this regular issue to empower persons to deal with this persistent problem. I am Just Human After All additionally composes the introduction work of fiction within the continuing “Empowerment” show in line with the writer’s lifestyle that encompasses issues applicable now.

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Radiant Girl [Kindle Edition]

Radiant Girl [Kindle Edition]

A girl’s eleventh birthday usually brings huge adjustments to her globe, however for Katya Dubko, it’s actually the conclusion of the planet as she understands it. Within the upper Ukraine, a place of thick woods, plentiful wild-life, and gleaming rivers, Katya’s small hamlet of Yanov is a fairytale house. Her family existence is loaded with magic values and historical customs, and her dad has a great career working for your authorities in the Chernobyl Atomic Power Station, a complicated larger than her entire town.

Steeped within the vision of her people, Katya considers the stop is a factory, and she searches for guys in white gowns, the angels push buttons have been heard by her to produce electricity. When she requests her dad concerning the stop, he reassures her that it’s secure: “so safe I would let you and Mama sleep there. I’d let a baby sleep there.” However when Katya is transmitted to the woods to perform while her birthday dinner is prepared by her family, she meets Vasyl, a cryptic otherworldly lad who informs the distressing truth to her: her planet will probably be ruined within an explosion. What’s she to think?

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Atomic Power Plant exploded, and also the Soviet authorities refused to admit the level of the calamity. Vasyl reenters her lifestyle and assists her to recognize there may be no recovery without truth, however hard it might really be to confront, as Katya challenges to live within the consequences. As she re-connects with her buddies from before the surge, she starts to find out a little more about the medical concepts which have transformed their planet, and she finds that blind patriotism like her dad’s could possibly be the undoing of a nation in addition to a guy. With the assistance of buddies she might haven’t envisioned in her old life, Katya starts to recognize the items which are most significant about her birthplace and himself have survived the calamity. Mixing the truths of her forefathers with the awareness of the technology supporting the Chernobyl explosion, Katya finds the power to meet a promise she created to himself a long time before. And from her fresh vantage point she recognizes that she is not the small girl within the story book, she’s become the writer of her own tale.

Radiant Girl weaves history, fantasy, photographs and illustrations together to create a fictional coming of age tale that offers readers insight on surviving the powerful forces of change that rock their own lives, both from within and without.

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Justin Bieber: 99 Exclusive Personal Facts Revealed [Kindle Edition]

Justin Bieber 99 Exclusive Personal Facts Revealed [Kindle Edition]

v1.1 NEW UPDATE – Brand new cover for all the Justin Bieber  fans out there to enjoy! (Feb 28, 2013)
Get up close and personal with Justin Bieber. 99 exclusive personal facts about Justin Bieber are now revealed right in front of you.

This book uncovers details from Justin’s journey to fame to shocking facts about his romance with Selena and so much more!!!

Do you know everything there is to know about the world renowned pop star? Justin Bieber: 99 Exclusive Personal Facts Revealed will have answers to your questions such as…

– Where did Justin and Selena have their fight that ultimately caused their breakup?

– What university/college he planned on going to this year?

– What did Justin get for his 16th birthday from Usher?

Cute, hot, sexy pictures with charming, fun quotes from Justin Bieber himself included!

This is a must have if you consider yourself a TRUE fan!

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Snakes: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Our Amazing World Series) [Kindle Edition]

Snakes (Our Amazing World Series) [Kindle Edition]

Best-selling children’s Kay de Silva presents “Snakes”. The book uses captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach children about “the farmer’s friend”.  The guide uses fascinating pictures and carefully selected phrases to educate kids about “the farmer’s friend”.

This series is called one of the very beautiful on the kindle. The graphics are exceptional on the complete color kindle and look amazing even in black and white. The description within the large text below is easy enough for early readers or for a parent to direct a kid through.

Additionally, there are photo captions, which offers more info to discuss with your son or daughter. Instead, a child of any age (even the child in you) may value its elegance and merely examine the pictures.

This book depicts the wonder of the world of Snakes in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful reptile: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. The following Snakes are featured:
* The magnificent Anaconda
* The fearsome Boa Constrictor
* The majestic Cobra
* The gentle Corn Snake
* The social Garter
* The fierce Inland Taipan
* The awesome Python
* The ominous Rattlesnake
* The stealthy Sea Snake

I enjoyed compiling this book. I even learned a couple of things on the way. Maybe you may also.

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Very Bad Women – 5 True Stories of Crimes by Women – Vol 1 [Kindle Edition]

Very Bad Women - 5 True Stories of Crimes by Women - Vol 1 [Kindle Edition]

Very Bad Women – 5 True Stories of Crimes by Women – Vol 1 [Kindle Edition]

Radiant Jade – Mata Hari of the East

Traitor to her native China, murderer and spy for the Western, Glowing Jade was the mistress of conspiracy and murder along with the child of the Manchu prince so black that 300 thousand Chinese believed she was the satan incarnate.

Belle Gunness – Americas First Female Serial Killer

Arch murderess Belle Gunness created a market all her very own within the hall of infamy. Thought of eliminating as much as 40 guys, ladies and kids (including her own), she get homicide on an assembly-line basis within her constant hunt for private profit.

Memphis Mae Corey – The She Devil with the Face of an Angel and a Heart Full of Hate

Coming in USA from her native Eire at the tender age of 17, Memphis Mae proved to be strikingly beautiful young woman currently on the run in the Irish regulators. Submerging himself within the underworld of Chicago she immediately acquired a title for herself as a dangerous and clever girl. Several murders and problem quickly followed, ultimately finishing the sole method it might about the gallows.

Ma Barker – Bloody Mama

A criminal mastermind as well as the minds behind the notorious Ma Barker gang, she created four callous murders who slayed their approach by means of some bank robberies, hold-ups, and kidnappings. She offered the requests, created detailed strategies and rode roughshod on the laws of the property until the greatest shootout in FBI history finished her rampage.

Arva Bolling – She Killed to Live

Chilly, difficult, amazing and psychotic Arva Bolling resided just for living as well as cash it might provide. She callously murdered three occasions so she might continue an lifestyle of extravagance and discretion and also would have escaped the electrical seat as well as justice had it-not been for a coroner.

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