Worlds Apart [Kindle Edition]

Worlds Apart [Kindle Edition]

Some worlds just can’t be brought together. Or explained.

“Worlds Apart” contains four stories, all centered on divides that can’t entirely be bridged. Connections between the worlds exist, but separation both physical and metaphysical keeps permanent links from being formed.

“A World Apart” is the story of Lonnie and Laurie, a couple who discover that they alone possess the key to a mysterious domain. Enigmatic yet completely familiar at the same time, the world they can enter draws them together while continuously shaping their relationship and their lives.

“Chance Encounter” is about Wilford Middlewick and Jillsy Cavanaugh how they meet, how their interactions unfold. Is their encounter a coincidence? Or have Lloyd and Farber, a pair of angels tending their earthly flock, guided them toward each other?

The tale of an entity hampered by circumstances, “Statue of Limitations” is Langston Frolley’s exploration of his ‘life.’ A statue by birth, he wants more than anything to be able to understand human emotion and to LIVE human emotion. Though he feels he already has a good deal of this within him already.

The centerpiece of the collection is the novella, “A Just Reward.” Kurt Smith has suffered a terrible loss, and as he struggles to recover, more and more events occur that make him question his sanity, as well as the authenticity of his life in general. The dichotomy of his world drives him further and further inside himself, until the truth is finally forced out of hiding.

“Worlds Apart” is a phenomenal, 25,000 word collection. Each story explores conundrums, examines the unexplainable while not attempting to over explain it, and entertains magnificently as well. A fabulous read, allowing entry into a world of characters so real they could receive their own mail.

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